Shopbop Sale (Item's under $100) + Holiday Sales

Hiiii everyone! Tis the season for kick butt sales at all of our favorite stores AND just in time to make your Christmas wishlist for yourself and others. (one for them, one for me is my motto) 

Shopbop is kicking this week off with their biggest sale and it lasts for the entire week through Monday December 2nd at 1:59 CST. Lucky for us, the sale has zero brand exclusions and a free 3-day shipping and returns. For more info on the biggest sale of the year and coupon codes click here. I have had nothing but the BEST experience with my purchases from Shopbop and their quick delivery and had my account credited within 6 days of using their free return policy as well last month. Here are a few of my favorites below, I own the necklace, phone case and mini key chain pouch and love them all. 

ps all are under $100 so holla holla get dollas.

1. Jeffrey Campbell chunky heel booties 2. Shashi Kiley necklace 3. Kate Spade bow gloves 4. Jules Smith ear crawler 5. BB Dakota portola dress  6. Tory Burch phone case 7. Honeydew sleep shirt  8. Rebecca Minkoff little Louie pouch  9. Free People vegan cargo jacket

A few other sales from around the web going on..
Nordstrom - save up to 40%Kate Spade Saturday - 30% off, Code: DEALME
J.Crew - 30% off select full price styles, extra 40% off sale! Code: HOLIDAY
Madewell - 25% off your entire purchase, Code: GIFTON

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Happy Halloween!

Happy October 31st, friends! I don't technically have a picture of my costume since I'm not dressing up until tonight, but I thought I'd share with you the inspiration behind my costume. (the same inspiration that I got yesterday and whipped up last night..) I am all about DIY costumes that are on the cheap since chances are I probably won't be wearing it anytime soon. 
^Not me if you are a new reader haha
Hiiii Minnie Mouse. Easy peasy to make and looks cute. Also maybe not something that every female on the planet will be wearing? I made the skirt and also homemade ears that look like the picture for just under $20 total. In an effort to not look fully like a 12 year old, I am going to throw on black heels with my leggings and wear some sort of tank top or t-shirt with it. 

I am noooo pro at DIY shizzle, I have zero patience and 9 out of 10 times that leads me to doing the project wrong in some form. With that saiad, I surprisingly managed to find an easy Minnie Mouse ear tutorial online (what up Pinterest) and slapped those on a $1 black headband. I got about 10 yards of tulle and made the skirt in about 25 minutes thanks to another online tutorial and followed it up by gluing felt white circles on top of it. (note: don't do this on your couch..the glue goes through the tulle and leave marks on your couch. oops) All in all, not too shabby of a last minute costume if any of you need any more ideas, which hiii it is Halloween day..I should have posted this earlier. Sorrrrry. 

Happy and safe trick or treating!

an idea of what I'm wearing with the skirt + ears:
Splendid   |   Matiko   |    David Lerner

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I Missed the Seasons.

dress: Target   purse: Michael Kors   shoes: JCPennys   watch: Michael Kors

Well in true fashion, I found these pictures a tad late for the weather and am still posting them! This dress from Target was a favorite in my closet this past summer and I figured I might as well still show y'all. I imagine it's still acceptable to wear in some parts of the country with the right weather?? (S.O.S leaves are going missing on the trees in Illinois). The usual disclaimer - I fixed those roots right after this picture so please don't judge. But I completely understand if you do.

Quick life update - I've been to Texas my fair share of times, but now I am venturing to two new towns there next week, Galveston and Austin. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT AUSTIN. YAAAS. If any of you live there or have visited where are the places that I need to go for fun? Good food, drinks, dancing, etc. I keep being told 6th Street, but any specifiiiiic places? 

While on the topic, I also booked a trip to Miami for the beginning of January to escape the blizzard I am predicting here. So same shout out for help goes for there as well, I've never been! I'm staying on South Beach so just feed me with suggestions please and thanks :) 

I'm using airbnb, both places seem like reputable and great places, but if I go missing..you know whats up.

Love Sadie   |  Schutz    |     Reverse

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Shopbop Sale!

top: BB Dakota   |   Steven
middle: Gorjana   |   Gorjana   |   Michael Kors
bottom: Jeffrey Cambell   |  Marc by Marc Jacobs  | Michael Kors

You guuuuuys, ShopBop is having their Friends & Family 25% sale (use code FAMILY25) and I highly recommend having your browser head over there and take a look at all of the good deals that you could score. This is the perfect time to pick up a few of the more pricey items that you might have had your mind on lately since these kinds of sales don't come around too often. 

I have snatched all three jewelry pieces in the middle row, please do not judge me. To be honest, my 'thing" (we all know I get hooked/obsessed/fixated on "things" too often) is to splurge on accessories these days and spend less on the actual clothes. These pieces of jewelry are something that I can wear every.single.day. and can make a subtle statement with. Same goes for shoes and purses latley. I used to think the more the merrier, but these days I would rather splurge on one nice pair of brown booties that is good quality and not found in every store as opposed to having 5 different styles of Target brown booties. And I would rather invest in one good purse that can be worn for a long time rather than one that will fall apart after a season. Ya feel? 

Happy shopping!

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dress + watch: Target   purse + watch: Michael Kors  shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Photos by: Mark Adams

Holy snazzafrazz. I've said it in the past, and I mean it - if you want to know how you truly look in an outfit you should have someone take your picture and then stand back and see if you cringe or jump for joy. This is making me cringe and peel my eyeballs out slowly. In hindsight I feel like this dress adds approx 100+ pounds (or maybe that really is me) onto myself so hey, glad I've been wearing it so much lately!! insert eye roll Sometimes even a belt can't fix something. However, I did throw a black blazer over this for work and it seemed to work well together, so let's just roll with that option. Also this was on clearance for five dollar hairs at Targ, so like, of course I have to make it work.

I am beyond thankful I can still get away with this kind of attire now that it is almost October, maybe it won't snow this year? Is there really a glimmer of hope? I love how everyone in Texas last week told me that I was so lucky to be striking it with the "fall weather" down there. It was 80 some degrees my friends. You Texans are a hoot and I love you for that. I would take that erry day of our fall if I could.

The cranberry (is that the official color name? I made that up per usual) color of my purse is basically what I am in love with these days and have plans to wear it in a gazillion different things this season. Hats? Sure why not. Booties? Give me. Dresses? Yes, mine now. Blazers? LEH DUH. Feel free to do the same and we can be twins for life.

1 | BB Dakota     2 | Cambridge Satchel

3 | Schutz   4| Velvet   5 | Theory 

ps - Lately I have been going a little cray cray on the shopping apps on my phone. I have been using the apps (checking them every day..not purchasing every day. only every other day) when I wake up in the morning or before I fall asleep at night. A few of my favorites include HauteLook, Gilt, Forever21 (they keep sending me a gazillion emails with good deals I can't resist so don't judge) and ShopBop. All are free and make shopping ridiculously easy (dangerous, I know) but hey, it's a good way to kill time while you're in line waiting or where ever you may be. Click away!

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