Giiiiirl, are you dancing for me?

coat: Sarah Jessica Parker - Bitten   jeans: Forever21   purse: Olivia + Joy via Marshalls
Photos by: Mark Adams

Happy St. Patty's Day! Round 3,403 of me being an awful blogger: I didn't plan a green outfit, but instead wore purple pants. Makes complete sense, right? Fear not, I celebrated St. Patty's in the city this weekend and had on my green along with about 50 green beads I apparently acquired throughout the day. Was anyone else out there celebrating in Chitown?? 

I haven't talked about any of the awesome (awkward) stories and encounters that have happened lately while out being a normal citizen having someone take pictures of you in broad daylight in public. Yesterday we went to a random alley since sketchy areas of town always seem to make for the best picture backgrounds. Not even two seconds after the pictures began, a lively and extra ghetto (can I say that?) older man started strolling down the alley hooting and hollering random things which made for some preeeetty dang good candid pics since Mark kept snapping away during the incident. I only added two on here to save you from the selfie action, but they were stellar. 

"Heeey girl HEY, girl are you dancin for me???" (I was doing no such dancing)
-insert him doing the best dancing and dougie kind of dancing I have seen recently. 
"Girl, GOD bless you" So I politely said "God bless you too sir". "WHAAAT did you say?!" he hollered.
and then it went back and forth a bit. 
and a bunch more "GIRRRRRL", "pictures", "GOD BLESS Y'ALL" and dancing through the alley. 

sorry, that is literally all I could understand from him. 

As he left, I said adios and shot him this look that was not staged: 

I've chosen to just take the sassy route these days and say "HI" to the people staring. Or the occasional "hiii, what are you looking at??" depending on my mood. What do you style bloggers say when people stare? I need new material. 

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  1. Oh my what an experience! I am in love with that coat!!


  2. I love your coat!

  3. hahaha I've always wondered about bloggers experiences when they're out taking pictures in public!! That look on your face in your last picture is...priceless! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. always obsessed with a good houndstooth print! love the girly and feminine edge of this jacket lacey!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  6. Ha this is a great story :) I haven't had any crazy ones yet--but I want to start venturing to new places to take my photos--so I am glad to hear that this happens to everyone hehe. And you look fabulous in this coat girl.


  7. Haha oh dear. I took photos in the Whole Foods flower section (which is right by the front entrance, of course). We basically had to pause every time someone walked in. At this point, when someone stares, I just laugh at them. It makes for some pretty good candid shots too!

  8. The second picture, where you're laughing, is that one of the candid ones? Because that's one of my favs! Ha, I don't know where he got dancing from.

  9. Haha! I get so embarrassed-- I've yet to say anything. I did once read that you can always say you're taking photos for a photography class. No one will question that! :)

  10. I get very embarrassed and try to take pictures when no one is around. My pictures usually are taken around my home. Love your story. Your jacket is gorgeous!!!!!



  11. Oh gosh! You seriously have the best stories! But I just don't think I've had a time where I need to say hi when people are staring. I just keep on with the picture taking. And if I'm somewhere touristy I just play tourist:)
    xo Adri

  12. hahahahahahaha, Lacey. I have only done one photo shoot out in public and one guy walked by from out of nowhere. My husband was in the car and immediately jumped out when the guy got closer. I'll have no idea really as to what he was intending to do but when my husband was visible, the guy just walked on by. hmmmm, no action. lol.

    This coat is so dang adorable on you, pretty lady! I'm just glad Mark was being at the camera instead of a lonely, vulnerable tripod.

  13. THANKFULLY, I haven't witnessed anybody yelling or hollering at me while taking photos in public. People just really like to stare!

  14. ok who cares about no green cuz ya outfit is eprf as always. Thats exactly why Im too scared to take blog pix in public

  15. hi sweet Lacey! I sure am glad to hear that awesome news!!!!! Thanks for your sweet "FANTASTIC"! Yes, sooooooooo happy am I !!! :D

  16. You are so cute, I love your coat!


  17. love the bag! it couldn't be more perfect for spring :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  18. I usually try to take pictures in places without people, cause I have a hard time dealing with the embarrassment.
    I don't usually like hounds tooth, but I love your coat! Such a pretty shape, and I love the simple styling of it.


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