I'm Wind Blown.

shirt: Old Navy   skirt: Marshalls   purse: Forever21   watch: Michael Kors   necklace: Target

Monsoon kind of winds and -30 windchill temps (okay that part was an exaggeration  make for some pretty awful looking pictures. I was entirely too grouchy to take them for more than 5 seconds resulting in hardly any decent pictures to put up here..whoops. The bottom half of this shindig is simply black tights and pointy black heels for those inquiring minds. 

To keep it real over here, I am not digging this outfit as much as I was now that I see it in pictures. I was hoooping to be able to pull this off for a rehearsal dinner I am going to in a few weeks, but now I'm thinking it looks entirely too casual and I'd be looking like a sloppy Bob if I showed up in this. Honest thoughts, concerns, input, or popsicles to offer up? I'm not too sure what world I was living in when I thought a v-neck would look presentable for a rehearsal dinner, but hey, looks like I figured it out sooner rather than later. 

I have nothing to say on the topic of the Bachelor other than I would love for Juan Pab to take an IQ test, in Spanish of course, and show me the results. Maybe that would justify his preschool antics? On a positive note, I am happy to have my Monday nights back and free of stupidy! Holla holla get dolla. 
Over and out. 

And because nothing is perfect when taking pictures - 

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  1. Oh I love that skirt! So so cute! And glad you posted bloopers, cause that's what I feel like most of my pictures look like :)


  2. Love the outfit- especially with that purse! Super cute, as always!

  3. lol i love that last pic lacey! thats how 99% of my pics look when i sit down to edit! darn wind lol :) love this look girl that skirt is awesome

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  4. Cute outfit (as always, I think I say that EVERY time!)
    Love the last picture.
    And agreed with JuPa. I went on a rant about that on my blog yesterday, probably not worth my energy!

  5. you totally don't look like a sloppy bob! (but that comment did make me laugh). maybe a silk top would make the outfit more formal? or a sweater/button-up with a fancy collar? you always look adorable anyways!


  6. so obv looooooove da outfit because I'm all about the black but what caught my eye is your nails i love that color!!!! I wear it in summer ALWAYS

  7. Ugh, JP is the worst! I am so glad the season is over!

  8. haha, sometimes the wind can be our friend (nice windblown hair), sometimes it's our worst enemy (not-so-nice hair in the face)! loving the waves in your hair!

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  9. I'm LOVING the all black friend! You look gorg!!

  10. It's a cute look! Maybe you could add a large sparkly statement necklace to add a hint of glam?


  11. Look at you Miss Tan thing! Love the outfit!!

  12. Lacey you look sooooo tan! I am totally envious of that!

  13. That skirt though....I needs it. #beautifulbooboo

  14. Such a nice this outfit!
    And I'm loving your pictures with your new photog!

  15. what a fantastic look! such a chic and classy look! love the handbag, and the cute cozy vneck with that skirt! so darling!


  16. Sorry, I had to laugh - to laugh with you not at you. Aren't our funny expressions we don't realize we are making, so hilarious sometimes? lol

  17. I love this outfit! I think it looks super chic! But we are always our worst critics!


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